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Senior care, advanced care, concierge medicine, and doctor home visits

We are geriatric home care physicians specializing in accessible, holistic senior care including primary care, telemedicine consultations, cognitive care, and caregiver support.

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Who We Serve

We Are A Geriatric Primary Care (PCP) For Seniors And Telemedicine Support For Caregivers in Arizona




"I think ElderHealth is a great concept."

We engaged the team for my husband but I joined as well after I met Dr. Self and some of the team. Combined they have a lot of geriatric experience and very big hearts which they bring to a patience’s home. We are not shoved out the door when our 15 minutes are over.
Christa Lubatkin
Tucson, AZ

How can we help you today?

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"Every member of the team is warm, professional and caring."

"It's difficult to explain the warmth we feel after a visit from Elderhealth. They are so caring it's like talking to a friend, not a formal visit with a physician. It's so much easier having a visit with Elderhealth than spending an hour waiting in a doctor's office for a quick 15 minute meeting where you don't feel heard or listened to. Don't mistake their warmth and welcoming demeanor as lack of professionalism. They are skilled in this field and have identified a great need in the healthcare industry where patients receive individualized care as one size truly does not fit all. We've never had a doctor like this before. Every member of the team is warm, professional and caring."
Esther Goldman
Tucson, AZ

Meet The ElderHealth Team

We believe that seeing our patients in their own homes makes a huge difference in geriatric care

Corinne Self, MD


Melissa Koon, NP


Peggy Schmidt, NP


laura aylmer lcsw social worker elderhealth team member

Laura Aylmer, LCSW

Social Worker

How Do I Get Started with ElderHealth?

Three Simple Steps to Access Our Geriatric Care Services

Step 1

Sign up for an initial consultation

Initial Consultation

This is a telemedicine “getting to know you” doctor’s visit. It’s covered by traditional Medicare.

Step 2

We’ll match you with the best fit ElderHealth services

Best Fit Services

From geriatric telemedicine consultations to primary care at home, we’ll establish a customized plan for your specific needs.

Step 3

Become an ElderHealth member

Become A Member

Once you sign up for the annual membership, you will gain access to ElderHealth services that address your individual needs.
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Comprehensive Primary Care House Calls

Home And Fall Risk Assessments

Holistic Senior Care

Advanced Care Planning

Cognitive Assessments and Dementia Consulting Telehealth Tucson

Second-Opinions by Geriatrician Specialists

Cognitive Maintenance Consulting

Prescription And Medication Assessment

Alternative Medicine Interventions

Senior Health Lifestyle Doctor House Calls Tucson

Cognitive Care

Cognitive Assessments and Dementia Consulting

Alternative Behavioral Health Interventions

Personalized Memory Care Plan

Palliative Care For Cognitive Disorders

nurse holding hand of an emotional caregiver with tissue

Caregiver Support

Caregiver Education

Supportive Counseling

Community Resources / Referrals

Planning And Support Through Disease Progression

Community Partners and Local News

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