Behavioral And Psychological Care

Behavioral symptoms occur in most people who have dementia.

The factors that influence behaviors can be:

  • biological
  • psychological
  • environmental
No one-size-fits-all intervention exists, and each person’s behavioral management plan will differ.

The best behavioral plans are developed by healthcare providers well-versed in an individual’s ...

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Medical history
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Family dynamics
Social environment
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Work experience
Lifestyle preferences
nurse holding hand of an emotional caregiver with tissue
Mental and emotional state

Our behavioral plans are tailor-made and include:


Ketamine therapy and medical cannabis


Music Therapy

Add-on service

Art Instruction

Add-on service

Family Therapy

In-person and over the phone

Caregiver Training

Education, resources, and support

Behavioral Companionship

Add-on service

Reminiscent Therapy

Sensory Modalities

Using sensory-rich experiences