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Primary Care Membership

Many of our services listed below are covered by insurance and an annual membership fee. Some add-ons are also an additional cost. 

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Doctor House Calls in Tucson, Arizona

We provide the following primary care services for older adults in the greater Tucson, AZ area:

Prescription and Medication Assessment

The overmedication of seniors is a growing problem. Medications can interact with one another in harmful ways, and can even cause confusion, falls, or hospitalizations.

At ElderHealth, we don’t just prescribe another pill—we help you get to the root of the problem. Our medication assessments can help you determine which medications are medically warranted, and which might need to be stopped.

Alternative Medicine Interventions

Curious about alternative medicine? Already done some research? If you have, you’ll know that some of these techniques are well regarded and can truly help in senior care. We are happy to help you learn more about:

Holistic Senior Care

Aging well is about welcoming change. We help you do that, and can consult in any of the following areas:

Senior Health and Lifestyle Consulting

Our full-spectrum senior care services include everything you need to maximize your quality of life.

Cognitive Maintenance Consulting

We use evidence-based techniques to help maintain or improve current levels of cognitive functioning for as long as possible. Our personalized plans include exercise regimens, cognitive enhancement techniques, and nutrition education and guidance.

Advanced Care Planning

We can help you or your loved one complete a living will as well as medical power of attorney forms. During advanced care planning, we feel it is essential that we take time to explain what it is, how it impacts your medical care, decision making, and treatment, in order to make informed choices for the future. Download a free copy of our Advanced Care Planning Guide ebook.

Home and Fall Risk Assessments

We know that many of our clients can thrive under a senior home care plan. We provide a comprehensive plan to maximize the success in aging at home.

Technology Help

Technology can help seniors maintain connectivity and independence. We want to help you use technology to:

Memory Care

We are here for you all the way through your memory care journey, from cognitive assessments to behavioral support to palliative care.

Cognitive Assessments and Dementia Consulting

A thorough cognitive assessment is paramount in senior care. All too often, after patients are labeled with one type of cognitive disorder, the topic is never revisited. At ElderHealth, we understand that neurocognitive disorders are highly complex and that modern medicine doesn’t fully understand them.
Cognitive assessments can…
  • help us understand one’s cognitive condition on an individual basis.
  • reveal whether medications and underlying mental health disorders are contributing to symptoms.
  • show how far progressed a disorder is so we can provide the appropriate treatment plan.
All cognitive assessments include:
  • social, spiritual, and trauma history
  • family dynamics
  • hobbies
  • food preferences
  • entertainment preferences
  • sleep habits
  • social disposition

Great news! Cognitive assessments are now available statewide to all Arizona residents as part of our Geriatric Telemedicine Consultations.

Behavioral Support

Did you know that behavioral symptoms of dementia....

Improving behavioral symptoms (such as yelling and agitation) are key to improving quality of life for our patients and their caregivers. Read more about how to support elderly parents who live at home alone.

Alternative Medicine Interventions

Curious about alternative medicine? Already done some research? If you have, you’ll know that some of these techniques are well regarded and can truly help in senior care. We are happy to help you learn more about compounded medications, medical cannabis, sensory processing interventions, botox and more.

Our Approach to Neurocognitive Behavioral Symptoms
At ElderHealth, we use evidence based approaches to reduce challenging behaviors without risky medications.

A few of the approaches we support that can mitigate dementia symptoms:

We Create a Personalized Memory Care Plan for Our Clients

Personalized plans incorporate family education, disease monitoring, behavioral management, and memory preservation techniques. Care plans vary based on the stage of memory loss.
  • Assessments of genetics, biomarkers, and brain imaging
  • Discussions of how family members maybe affected by the disorder
  • Information about what to expect 
  • A personalized cognitive maintenance program
  • Methods for preserving cognitive function through optimal lifestyle, diet, medications, and sleep hygiene
  • Information about estate and healthcare-related legal planning
  • A regular daily schedule recommendation
  • Advanced care planning (including living wills)
  • Family support and education 
  • Methods for simplifying life and decision making
  • Management of any ongoing health issues
  • A home safety evaluation
  • A plan for managing behavioral issues 
  • Self-care information for caregivers
  • Continued preservation of cognitive abilities through lifestyle, diet, medications, and sleep hygiene
  • Advanced care planning (including living wills)
  • Help with transitioning all care to caregivers
  • Information about appropriate foods, eating utensils, and cups
  • Advanced preparation for overcoming any medical complications
  • Ongoing support for difficult behavioral issues
  • Creation of emergency medical kits 
  • Traditional and alternative palliative care
  • Hospice services at the appropriate time

Palliative Care for Cognitive Disorders

Sadly, dementia is chronic and eventually fatal. We are there for you every step of the way. We offer in-home palliative care to our members, and can also help make arrangements with hospice agencies. We often continue to care for patients enrolled with hospice agencies.

Caregiver Support and Training

We believe that caregivers also need attention and care. That’s why our services include caregiver support as well. We will stick with you through thick and thin.
  • Caregiver education
  • Resource guides for caregivers
  • Phone support
  • Engaging community resources for in-home care and assistance
  • Support transitioning to facility care as needed

Check out our resources

All ElderHealth members can save time and energy with the help of our curated virtual resource library.
  • Book Recommendations: Books about dementia for caregivers and children, activity books, and more.
  • Online Resources: Safe and vetted online support groups, classes, and forums.
  • Educational Videos: Tutorials on technology, health and wellbeing, and activities for dementia patients. Please check out our event calendar for our next webinar and Q & A session.