Primary care

ElderHealth membership benefits include:

Patient-focused care brings many positive changes

Consider having all of your primary care needs met and so much more.

Avoid waiting rooms and long wait times

Our team arrives at your door, greets you with a smile, and spends an average of 45 minutes with you. When you call us you’ll get a real person on the phone, someone who knows your name and will meet your needs responsively.

Reduce the number of specialists you see

If specialist visits are needed, we work in collaboration with them. ElderHealth offers a network of trusted specialists and mobile providers to deliver you the best care and convenience.

Decrease urgent care visits and hospitalizations

Hospital and urgent care visits cause all kinds of strife for older adults. There’s evidence that effective primary care is essential in the prevention of avoidable hospitalizations. With ElderHealth, your urgent needs are met with a same-day or next-day in-person visit from a team you know and trust.

Increase your time doing things you enjoy

The average older adult (ages 70+) has three visits per month with different doctors. With ElderHealth’s expertise and oversight, you can reduce the number of doctor appointments and increase your time doing things you enjoy.

24/7 telephone access

Talk someone who knows you and who will meet your immediate needs

Doctor checking blood pressure, house call doctors in Tucson
Urgent care visits

Same-day or next-day (M-F) urgent care in-person appointments

Mobile doctor visits
Our team will travel to your location in Tucson and surrounding areas
Patient-centered goals
Individualized care based on your preferences, values, and choices
Balancing medications

We evaluate your prescriptions for polypharmacy (overmedication)

Age appropriate care

Specialized care for aging in place and growing older at home

At ElderHealth, all your primary care needs are met

At ElderHealth, you don’t have to spend 30 minutes in traffic to get to your appointment on time. Our team arrives at your door, greets you with a smile, and spends an average of 45 minutes with you. 

Geriatric and palliative care-specific curriculum in typical medical training is virtually nonexistent. ElderHealth provides age-appropriate care based on patient-centered goals to maximize the quality of life and reduce medication side effects. 

Most older adults will endure geriatric syndromes or memory impairment. Everyone deserves dignity and choice to ensure their wishes are upheld throughout their healthcare journey. We understand the importance of palliative care and end-of-life care.

We've found that age-appropriate care necessitates house calls, as older adults with functional and cognitive impairments cannot be adequately served in a standard office visit.

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