dr self visits a patient in their home she knells down in front of the patient sitting on the couch and the small brown dog looks up at them

Dr. Corinne Self is double-board certified in internal and geriatric medicine and trained at Stanford University. After years of working in the medical field, Dr. Self founded ElderHealth, a one-of-a-kind primary care practice in Tucson, Arizona, for dementia-diagnosed patients, especially caregivers, and families who need dementia care at home.

Dr. Self became interested in medicine for vulnerable populations while volunteering with the Special Olympics and Best Buddies programs in high school. During residency, she was most struck by the failure of mainstream medicine to protect vulnerable older adults from harmful medical interventions. 

To continue her efforts in advocacy for older adults with dementia, Dr. Self works closely with the Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer Association as a volunteer who teaches young children about neurocognitive disorders

She also serves on the board of a non-profit organization, Dementia Friendly Tucson, which works to help local businesses be more inclusive of people who suffer from neurocognitive disorders. 

Dr. Self believes in the power of high-quality primary care and places top value on open communication and positive patient-physician relationships. She enjoys spending time with her three small children, gardening, international travel, music, cooking, and hiking.

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"We are here to shatter the glass ceiling of geriatric primary care."