Dementia Explained

Books For Kids

Books for Children

Memory Box age 4+
by Mary Bahr, David Cunningham (Illustrator)

Follows a grandpa who makes a memory box with his grandson when he begins to develop dementia.  Follow up the book with a memory box or memory board activity. 

Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator age 4+
by Max Wallack, Carolyn Given

A little girl is affected by the changes in her grandma as she develops dementia. At first she is mad. After she learns about the disease she is able to find compassion and love and accept her grandmother as she is.

The Remember Balloons age 5+
by Jessie Oliveros

James’s Grandpa has the best balloons because he has the best memories. But when Grandpa’s balloons begin to float away, James is heartbroken. No matter how hard he runs, James can’t catch them. Grandpa no longer has balloons of his own. But James has many more than before. It’s up to him to share those balloons, one by one.

Weeds in nana’s garden age 6+
by Kathryn Harrison

This book follows a young girl who gardens with her grandma. One summer the girl notices that grandma has not picked the weeds in her garden. The metaphor continues throughout the book with “weeds” growing in grandma’s brain as well. Nice illustrations and nice metaphors that kids can understand.

The Dementia Diaries: A Novel in Cartoons age 12+
by Matthew Snyman

Follow the stories of Brie, Fred, and other young carers as they try to understand and cope with their grandparents’ dementia at all stages of the illness.