A doctor is always within reach

It's like having a doctor in the family

About Our Team

Doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, and therapists

Experts in geriatric medicine with board certifications

A doctor’s office that does house calls in Tucson and surrounding areas

Meet Our Team

"At ElderHealth, we come to your home in Tucson, Arizona "I enjoy getting to know my patients' life stories and finding ways to incorporate their life experiences and personalities into a holistic and personalized plan of care".

Primary care membership

At ElderHealth, we come to your home in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Avoid lengthy waits. No more waiting rooms in stuffy offices.
  • No need to travel. Use travel time for fun opportunities instead, like family visits or walks in nature.
  • Better assessments. Home visits allow us to assess clients’ homes and cognitive abilities better.

Telehealth visits for older adults in Arizona

ElderHealth also offers online medical visits in the form of phone and video calls.

  • Avoid contagions. Telemedicine adds another layer of protection for older patients against COVID-19 and influenza.
  • Make it simple. Telemedicine makes it even easier to get care when—and where—it’s convenient for you.

Cultural Competency y Hablamos Español

We are dedicated to providing culturally competent care to ElderHealth members. We’ve completed cultural competency trainings for medical professionals. And we continue to learn from our community and patients.

We understand the value of providing care in native languages. We strive to provide our Spanish-speaking patients with a Spanish-speaking provider. Please inquire for more information.


Common questions regarding primary care membership services.

Question: How do I complete the intake forms if I do not have a computer?

Answer: A computer is optional; you can complete the consent forms if you have a smartphone or device. If you need the technical capability to complete the consent forms or have someone available to help you, that would be great. In that case, we can coordinate with our registered nurse to visit to have the consent forms completed.

Answer: Ultimately, we want to make sure that the patient is comfortable with their provider and that we can deliver exceptional care to our patients. Our model of care may not appeal to everyone, which is okay. We want your decision for your care team to be what you need/want.

Answer: No. There is no minimum or maximum number of visits that can be made. We visit based on medical needs.

Answer: We do offer quarterly payment options for membership. For an individual: $975, or for a couple, $1725. We do not prorate quarters.

Answer: We are an integrative team. We provide our patients with much-needed oversight. We address the whole patient’s needs, not just one ailment. Many community resources, such as mobile lab/imaging, portable optometry/dentistry, and IV Hydration, are available. We’re available to our patients 24/7 for urgent triage over the phone.

Answer: The sooner we get involved, the better. We can help keep you independent/mobile/safe so that you can continue doing the things you love.