Dementia Care

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Nuerocognitive disorders, or dementias, will affect:

more than 20% of people in their 70s
< 20%
and up to 50% of people in their 90s
> 50%

Shattering the glass ceiling of dementia care

We’re experts on all aspects of dementia testing, diagnosis, and monitoring dementia stages at home

Cognitive Assessments and Dementia Consulting Telehealth Tucson
Comprehensive cognitive testing
Doctor checking blood pressure, house call doctors in Tucson
Diagnosis of dementia type
Medication monitoring to slow progression
Senior Health Lifestyle Doctor House Calls Tucson
Guidance and planning to remain at home
Maximize independent years
nurse holding hand of an emotional caregiver with tissue
Advice on moving to care facilities

At ElderHealth, we have your cognitive care covered

Throughout dementia, people experience changes in:

We know how to limit suffering and improve quality of life by providing age, disease, and goal-appropriate care. We educate and support caregivers, and intend to meet you where you are. 

ElderHealth’s experts are pros at helping families and caregivers put supports in place to maximize the golden years of independent living. 

Putting supports in place looks different for every patient and family, but the result is the same, less crisis, more resilience, and better response to the crisis when it inevitably strikes.

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