Visibility Matters at ElderHealth, The Importance of Anti-Discrimination Training In Healthcare

PCOA visibility matters training with rainbow Popsicle sticks on a light blue background

Did you know more than one in six LGBTQI+ adults reported avoiding healthcare due to anticipated discrimination while 16 percent of LGBTQI+ adults reported discrimination in health care encounters? You may not have considered that sexual orientation may be a concern for some when searching for a healthcare professional for themselves or a loved one.

At ElderHealth we acknowledge everyone’s needs are not the same. Not everyone comes from the same background or demographic. We treat the whole person by offering patient centered care. We are inclusive to meet everyone’s needs and address their medical, emotional, and social needs.

It wasn’t enough to just have a nice bedside manner. We, as health professionals, took it upon ourselves to participate in PCOA’s Visibility Matters training for the LGBTQI+ community; to provide a safe space for someone to be themselves and meet their unique needs. Visibility Matters training allows you to become more aware, responsive, and sensitive to LGBTQI+ older adults and their families. 

There were many great takeaways from Visibility Matters training.

We engaged, asked questions, and learned about…

  • the historical context on the strained relationship between the LGBTQI+ people and community
  • the impact additional identities such as race and ability have on health outcomes
  • specific vulnerabilities of LGBTQI+ older adults as it relates to end of life
  • the importance of making ElderHealth’s organization efforts visible and welcoming
  • how to provide the best support and resources to LGBTQI+ older adults as they age

We encourage you to participate in this training so that you can provide the best care possible to everyone!

Those who may benefit from such a training are those who work in any area of the healthcare industry:

  • long term care facilities
  • medical professionals
  • senior centers
  • in-home care providers
  • case managers
  • anyone serving older adults in Pima County
"I believe deeply in our model of care. Everyone deserves to be empowered, listened to, and supported in their healthcare journey." - Brittany Wagner, Practice Manager

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