Turn Up the Tunes! Using Music to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Music occupies a unique and profoundly meaningful position in human existence. It weaves through our neurons, forging connections in the brain to emotions, memories, and knowledge. Additionally, music has demonstrated remarkable abilities in enhancing cognitive function.

Enhancing Memory

Research has shown that listening to music, particularly classical compositions, can stimulate areas of the brain associated with memory retrieval and storage. The intricate patterns and structures found in classical music can act as mnemonic devices, aiding in the recall of information. Whether it’s remembering a recipe or a cherished moment, music can serve as a powerful tool in boosting memory. Recent research has also shown that playing familiar music to persons living with dementia can boost their cognition.

Improving Focus and Attention

Certain genres of music, like ambient or instrumental tracks, enhance cognitive engagement and reduce external distractions, promoting a state of heightened focus that allows the brain to concentrate on the task at hand. This can be particularly helpful during a creative activity or at a meal.

Facilitating Emotional Regulation

Emotions play a pivotal role in shaping our cognitive experiences. By knowing how music makes you or your loved one feel, you can use music as a mood altering tool. Music can be particularly helpful in setting routines. For example, one can play energetic music during breakfast to set the stage for an active day.  Additionally, calming and peaceful music can be a wonderful tool to help someone stay calm during a bath, not to mention, to signal that it is bath time.

Engaging with music, whether through active listening, composition, or performance, promotes neural connectivity and synaptic growth, improving the brain’s resilience. 
It’s time to turn up the tunes! Not sure how to listen? Try using a music app on your phone or iPad such as Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play Music.  If apps are just not your style, you can also purchase easy to use music boxes that allow for loading a playlist, such as SMPL one-touch music player, which is available on Amazon.

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