Talking to Kids About Dementia on Banner Health’s Dementia Untangled Podcast With Dr. Corinne Self & Melissa Koon

This week ElderHealth’s Dr. Corinne Self and Nurse Practitioner Melissa Koon were featured in Banner Health’s Dementia Untangled podcast. In the podcast, we discuss easy ways to talk to children about “grown-up” topics like neuro-cognitive disorders that affect our family relationships and community. We discuss the best way to explain dementia, when to talk about it, and what types of emotions and feelings you can expect from your child. Learn how to create a safe space for conversation and how to encourage more meaningful interactions between children and their loved ones.

Click here to view this episode and listen to more dementia-related topics from the Dementia Untangled podcast series.

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  1. Corinne and Melissa are amazingly insightful and empathic. They are fabulous educators for everyone, from kids to adults, from physicians to patients and families.

    As a geriatrician myself, I have learned so much from Corinne and Melissa (and Peggy)!!

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