Practice Lifestyle Balance

Practicing lifestyle balance is a way to minimize stress and improve well being. Consider the ways in which you pay attention to your health across these four domains.  Continue the practices you are already using as listed under each heading and consider trying something new on the list.  Add your own ideas to the list for practicing lifestyle balance. Notice how recommendations in one domain often bring benefits across the spectrum of whole body health in body, mind, and spirit.  


  • Choose foods that are heart and brain healthy as often as possible (your medical provider, nutrition specialist or reputable internet or book resource can offer guidance.) 
  • Eat regularly (based upon your own dietary needs, appetite, and preferred times to eat throughout the day.) 
  • Exercise regularly in the form and preference that is best for you. (Dance, practice yoga, play golf, pickleball or tennis. Run, swim, walk.)
  • Move your arms and legs as you follow a video or in person class for chair exercises.
  • Prioritize and practice a sleep ritual that restores body and mind.
  • Schedule a massage.
  • Schedule medical care for prevention and wellness.
  • Seek care for acute issues when needed.
  • Take a break from your usual routine with a vacation, day trip or staycation.


  • Arrange a visit with a psychotherapist to see if you might benefit from talk therapy.
  • Ask for something you need from someone rather than assuming they know.
  • Be curious about your inner experiences; thoughts, judgements, feelings that arise  (hmm, that’s interesting.  I wonder why I…) 
  • Do something 1x/week or 1x/month at which you are not an expert or in charge.
  • Schedule a “tech free” hour or day or “tech free” zone in your home.
  • Engage your intelligence in a new area with a book, trip to art museum, concert, podcast.
  • Practice giving and receiving from others.
  • Say “no” to extra responsibilities sometimes and “yes” to an offer of help from someone sometimes.
  • Share a secret or hidden part of yourself with a trusted person in your life.


  • Allow yourself a good cry if/when the tears come.
  • Find things to make you laugh.
  • Give yourself affirmations, praise yourself when you encounter small victories.
  • Identify comforting activities, objects, people and places to connect with when experiencing a tough day or situation.
  • Re-read favorite books, re-watch favorite tv shows or movies.
  • Spend time with others whose company you enjoy.
  • Spend time with a beloved pet or pet a neighbor’s dog or cat when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Stay in contact with important people in your life through email, text, a letter or phone call when distance is a factor.


  • Be aware of nonmaterial aspects of life.
  • Be open to inspiration.
  • Be open to not knowing.
  • Cherish your optimism and hope.
  • Contribute to causes in which you believe.
  • Find a spiritual connection or community.
  • Identify what is meaningful to you and notice its place in your life.
  • Look up at the stars and the sky and the moon.
  • Meditate
  • Paint
  • Pray
  • Sing
  • Volunteer
  • Spend time with nature

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