Seasonal Medical Care For Snowbirds in Tucson

Many people who visit Tucson extend their stay to a live here part-time. As a part-year resident, you may be sharing residency with another state or country. Snowbirds may require a few medical services avoid the doctor while they’re here unless they have international or PPO medical insurance. Those visitors who need access to primary care in the United States may have difficulty dealing with hospitals and urgent care, as the medical system can present as a nightmare. Insufficient healthcare hasn’t deterred snowbirds from long-term stays in Tucson, as Arizona remains a top destination for many reasons mentioned in this article.

ElderHealth is a primary care provider (PCP) for out-of-state, international, long-term visitors, and part-year residents staying in Tucson. Just because you live part-time somewhere else, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of healthcare you receive here. If you’re in Tucson for an extended stay and want access to the best healthcare for older adults, please contact us to find out more about our seasonal primary care membership. Read on for more details below.

Here are a few reasons why ElderHealth loves Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is one of the biggest cities in the Southwest, but it feels like a small town everywhere you go. Many people decide to retire and live here for the better part of the year. Our Sonoran desert sunsets are beautiful, and the weather is perfect! No more hunkering down for a frozen winter. 

Driving or walking downtown, you’ll see artist murals everywhere and signs to “Be Kind.” There’s international food and restaurants as Tucson is known as the UNESCO City of Gastronomy. Especially Mexican food, you can have every region of Mexican cuisine on one street. 

Tucson’s weather is ideal for many who visit our vast desert landscapes with the endless benefits of a mild winter. But you don’t have to miss the seasons and colder climates. Drive up to Mount Lemmon to see the leaves change in the Fall and snow in the Winter. In the Spring, there are wildflowers and cacti blooming everywhere, especially in Saguaro National Park (East and West).

Health tips for living part-year in a desert climate

Stay active

Enjoy outdoor activities that you love! As we age, it’s vital to stay active. The reduction of exercise leads to loss of stamina and muscle mass. Also, keeping yourself and those you care for hydrated in the desert is essential.

Wear layers

It can be warm during the day and cold at night or in the shade. In the evening, it gets cool, and you’ll need a jacket or possibly a coat. 

Keep hydrated

No matter what time of the year you visit the area, staying hydrated is part of the local program. Learn more about dehydration prevention in a blog by ElderHealth’s nurse practitioner, Melissa Koon.

Get travel insurance

Do you have health insurance coverage out-of-state or out of the country you reside? If you’re going to be nomadic, look into travel health insurance. Your home state or country’s health insurance could cover out-of-state expenses or may have a reimbursement policy. Find out more by asking your insurance provider about what is covered in your plan.

Seasonal primary care for part-year residents in Tucson

Are you staying more than three months in Tucson, Arizona?

Tucson is a Winter home for many who live in different states and neighboring countries, including Canada and Mexico. At ElderHealth, we hope to serve clients who want or require access to primary care while in town.

Prepare to stress less and have more fun

When you’re away from your home state or country, who do you turn to in a medical emergency? Emergency rooms and urgent care providers may offer excellent immediate care, but often do not provide follow up appointments or any other preventative care to help older adults avoid hospitals in the first place.

Concierge medicine and doctor house calls

There are many benefits to having concierge medicine. For one a doctor is able to visit and treat you in your home. There are same day and next day appointments available depending on your need.

Having an ongoing illness or long-term medical condition can limit your travel plans — but it doesn’t have to. Having a reliable doctor that you know and trust can make all the difference. Worry less about with your healthcare and have more time for fun!

ElderHealth’s primary care membership 

Benefits of membership

You don’t have to sacrifice your healthcare while living part-time in Tucson. You can have excellent and reliable healthcare by signing up with ElderHealth.

Our seasonal membership is just what you need to have peace of mind while away from home. All services available in our primary care membership are included, but not limited to:

  • Peace of mind – should anything come up during your stay in Arizona.
  • Continuity of care – no need to repeat medical history to a new doctor for every appointment
  • After-hours coverage – triage nurse available 24/7 by phone and after-hours
  • Urgent care – same-day or next-day urgent visits
  • Self-pay, out-of-pocket option – for uninsured patients, foreign nationals
  • No limit – while you’re staying in Tucson, there’s no minimum or maximum amount of home visits.

We are readily available to our patients

  • The typical wait time for a provider house call is within the same week or five business days. 
  • Our team uses convenient mobile services like mobile labs/imaging, including dentistry and optometry. 
  • You also gain access to our referral community of physicians, physical therapists, and personal assistant agencies. 
Seasonal Primary Care Membership Pricing

$500 per person per month

We accept most health insurance plans

Home visits are covered by your insurance like a traditional primary care at a doctor’s office.

Uninsured? International and out-of-state healthcare options

If you are uninsured, please ask us about alternative payment options.

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