Loose Ends Project: A Ripple Effect of Kindness

ElderHealth recently learned of the Loose Ends Project (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization) from a dear member of ours that recently lost his wife. It’s a wonderful nonprofit organization that facilitates matching project submitters with finishers. It’s a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one from unfinished textile handwork such as – knit, crochet, sewing, quilting, mending, rug-making Tunisian crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, weaving, etc.  

Submitting a Project

The website is very informative in explaining the qualifications to submit your project. A couple being: 

  1. The originator of the project must be deceased, or no longer able to finish the project due to illness or disability. 
  2. The project must be partially begun. 

To view more qualifications, click here.

If you meet the requirements, you can simply submit your project by selecting “Submit your Project Here,” which will take you to a Google Doc where you can plug in information about the project.

Becoming a Finisher

Do you have experience in textile handwork and time to dedicate towards a project? You can submit to become a finisher by creating an account with the Loose Ends Project. Your efforts will reconnect a bereaved individual with a garment or accessory that a loved one began for them.


You can make monetary donations via their website. If you have materials you’d like to donate, they provide a list of organizations in which you can donate materials to.

The Loose Ends Project offers a unique service: completing unfinished projects initiated by your loved ones. These sentimental pieces serve as cherished gifts, imbued with the memories and intentions of those who began them. They become timeless treasures capable of bringing joy to multiple generations within the family.

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