Harmony Hospice & ElderHealth Webinar: De-Escalating Behaviors in Neurocognitive Disorders

Webinar date: Dec.15, 2021, 12p.m –1p.m.

Food for Thought -De-escalating Behaviors in Neurocognitive Disorders-Behaviors as communication

We invite you to join The ElderHealth team in this panel discussion where they will address your questions and concerns on the topic of Communication and Neurocognitive Disorders.  

Join us as we learn …

  • How to understand behavior as communication, with communication defined as how people relate to one another, how needs and feelings are expressed, and how thoughts and information are exchanged.  
  • Importance of non-verbal cues in helping to anticipate and prepare for responses to challenging behaviors.
  • How to use a relaxed, conversational format as a care partner or caregiver.

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