Art With Katie: How To Make Christmas Crafts With Older Adults

Art with Katie Christmas crafts

Katie Purdy, Art Guide at ElderHealth gives three tutorial videos on how-to make a few fun and easy Christmas tree crafts for the holiday season. Caregivers and care partners can do these as a fun activity with simple list of materials.

Craft supplies:

  • Sheets of paper
  • permanent marker
  • acrylic paint, various colors
  • basic watercolor set

Video 1: How to Paint a Picture of a Christmas Tree Using Acrylic Paints

Video 2: How to Draw And Paint A Three Christmas Tree Pattern

Video 3: How to Make A Christmas Card With A Marker And Watercolor Paint

Arts and crafts are fun for older adults as well as young kids. This can be an easy activity to do during the holidays with young and old, family and friends.

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