Calling all book lovers! What are your book preferences?

We want to feature your book preferences in this Summer’s edition of the Heart at Home newsletter.

The next Heart at Home newsletter will be dedicated to books, the written word, and love for reading. We’re curious about our member’s preferences. We hope to find out your answers in a 10-question anonymous survey (below the countdown).

On May 12th we’ll tally the results of the survey and report our findings in this Summer’s newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our member’s reading list.


Calling All Book Lovers, Share Your Reading Preferences in a 10-Question Survey

Our 10 survey questions include:

  1. Print, E-book or both? 
  2. Fiction or Nonfiction or both? 
  3. Regular or Large Print? 
  4. Books, Magazines, Newspapers or combination? 
  5. Do you visit your local public library?
  6. Is there a book or author you read as a young adult that had a profound impact on the way you think or feel about a particular issue? (If yes, please name the book or author) 
  7. What book is currently on your bedside or coffee table? 
  8. What book interests you to read this summer? 
  9. What was the last book you either gave or received as a gift?
  10. What is your favorite book genre? 

Click this link to send us your answers to via email.

Learn more about contributing to the Heart at Home seasonal newsletter in our blog: Reader Connections: ElderHealth Member Contributions to The Heart at Home Newsletter

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