ElderHealth Voted A Local Favorite For Best Community Health in Tucson, Arizona

Vote ElderHealth for 2022 Readers' Choice Winners and Favorites, Arizona Daily Star

ElderHealth was voted as a local Favorite for Best Community Health in Arizona’s Daily Star’s 2022 Reader’s Choice Award. 

We entered for two categories: Best Community Health and Best Home Care Services.

The voting period was July 17 – 31, 2022. Readers were able to vote once a day, per category. If you voted more than 100 times, you were entered to win a $250 gift card from the Arizona Daily Star.

We thank our community members for their vote and for supporting your favorite small businesses in Tucson, Arizona.

"I believe deeply in our model of care. Everyone deserves to be empowered, listened to, and supported in their healthcare journey." - Brittany Wagner, Practice Manager

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