The Benefits of Adding a Bidet to Your Aging-in-Place Toolbox

A bidet is another tool to add to your aging-in-place toolbox that will ensure you keep your dignity intact, improve your hygiene, and continue aging in place. Bidets are a toilet seat or attachment used worldwide, and have proven to help older adults maintain their dignity, improve hygiene, and keep themselves clean while using the bathroom.

How common are bidets in the world?

Bidets are common in many parts of the world, mainly Europe and Asia. However, their popularity and cultural acceptance vary widely. In some regions, bidets are considered a standard bathroom fixture. In other regions, such as the Southwestern United States, bidets are less common.

What does a bidet feel like?

For those unfamiliar with bidets, using one might take some time to get used to. The sensation resembles a gentle stream of water cleansing the perineal area. However, many people who use bidets regularly find it a more thorough and hygienic way to clean than toilet paper. Becoming familiar with a bidet usually happens quickly. Many users report feeling cleaner and fresher after using a bidet.

What bidet should I buy?

If you’re considering trying a bidet, it’s a good idea to research different types and models to find one that suits your preferences and budget. Whether it’s a hand-held one on the go, a bidet attachment easily installed on any standard toilet, or an all-in-one toilet with a bidet, heat setting, and fan, they all provide hygienic benefits. 

Is using a bidet like having an enema?

Bidets, on top of cleansing the perineal area, can also assist with bowel movements using water pressure like an enema, but less invasive. A small amount of water sprays the anus. As water naturally enters the rectum, it aids in releasing the water with feces that may be stuck with less strain. It’s also a solution for soft stool and diarrhea, cleaned in a jiffy without moist wipes—one less thing to buy.

Older adults can keep their independence longer with the assistance and use of a bidet, which has many other benefits you may not know of.

Mobility can be tricky when aging, and people may be more prone to constipation due to limited mobility, even with a bowel regime, such as medications like lactulose, senna, etc. If constipation is severe enough, you could even end up with fecal impaction or internal/external hemorrhoids due to constipation and straining. Reaching, twisting, and turning to wipe underneath can also be troublesome for a person with mobility issues.

Having a bidet offers many benefits, such as:

  • More hygienic than traditional bottom-cleaning methods
  • Provides greater independence/dignity for personal care
  • Offers soothing effect if suffering from hemorrhoids and promotes healing
  • Helps constipation by softening anal tissue and eases defecation
  • Environmentally friendly lessening the use of toilet paper
  • Safe to use opposed to traditional methods of cleaning no reaching twisting and turning especially if you might have an unsteady gait

An all-in-one toilet with a bidet can be expensive, but there are plenty of other options; like this Dual-Nozzle Self-Cleaning Bidet Attachment for less than $40.00, and installed quickly on any standard toilet. These are simple to install and easy to use. I promise that once you use a bidet, you’ll never return to a regular toilet seat again.

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  1. i have had both models side sprayer and back sprayer absolutly hate the back sprayer!! with the back you have to wiggle around to wet the area needing cleansing. with the side sprayer you can flush back and forth as needed. would like to know where I can purchase a side sprayer. Thank you

    1. Hello Betty, Thank you for your comment. Is the side sprayer you’re referring to the handheld bidet? If so, there are quite a few that are reasonably priced on Amazon such as this one: Handheld Bidet

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