Art With Katie: How to Make a Mother’s Day Card

ElderHealth’s Art Guide would like to show you three new ways to make something special for Mother’s Day. First activity is how to draw and color in a beautiful flower design. Second activity is creating a Popping Hearts Mother’s Day card. The third activity is to create a 3D heart with flowers Mother’s Day card.

Activity 1: Colorful Flowers


  • White paper
  • Drawing material (pencil or sharpie marker) 
  • Coloring materials (colored pencils, sharpie markers, watercolor paint)

Step 1

Begin by drawing about 5-10 various sized circles on your paper scattered with plenty of room in between each circle. (smallest can be the size of a corn kernel and largest the size of a dime. This is the center of your flower.

Step 2

Choose a circle to begin drawing your petals. Your petals can be any shape. Use teardrop shapes or pointed shapes for your petals. Begin by drawing one petal at 12 o’clock and then draw the exact same size and shape petal directly opposite the first at 6 o’clock.  Continue adding petals keeping symmetry by always  adding new petals across from the one previously drawn in order to have symmetrical flowers.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 for all other circles drawn on the paper. You can add more petals in between your initial petals to make the flowers more intricate and beautiful.

Step 4

Color in your beautiful Mother’s Day flowers with any coloring materials you have on hand or enjoy using. You can even paint the flowers with watercolor paint.

Activity 2: Popping Hearts Card


  • One sheet of white copy paper or sketchbook paper
  • Sharpie marker or any drawing utensil
  • Many different colors in any medium, ex: sharpies, markers, colored pencils, crayons.

Step 1

  • Fold white copy paper in half like a taco not a hamburger. 
  • Fold front of paper down about two inches past the bottom of the paper.

Step 2

  • Keep paper folded and create the top of the present with sharpie marker or any drawing utensil. You are going to draw a long rectangle to represent the top of your present. 
  • Extend the lines on each end of the top of the box down to create the bottom of the box.
  • Now you are ready to draw your hearts inside the “opened” box, or inside the folded paper. I drew many different sized hearts and used purple and pink. You can color your ribbons, the box, and the hearts whatever colors you wish.
  • Last, create a message for the top or bottom of your card. I wrote “Happy Mother’s Day” “I Love You!”

Activity 3: 3D Heart-Shaped Mother’s Day Card


  • Any color construction paper or card stock, avoid white paper
  • One sheet of white copy paper or sketchbook paper
  • Green marker or green construction paper
  • Various patterned paper, or different color
  • Glue or glue stick

Step 1

Cut a large heart out of your construction paper, color of your choice.

Step 2

Cut out a slightly smaller heart to fit inside your larger colored heart.

Step 3

Glue small heart into larger heart.

Step 4

Draw stem and leaves or cut out green construction paper stem and leaves if you cut them out. Next, glue them in the middle bottom of white heart.

Step 5

Draw about an egg sized oval and cut it in half to create the shape of the top of the tulip. Cut out two different colors, four in total. Fold and then glue tulips folded and back to back and glue flat against the heart.

Happy Mother’s Day!! Enjoy!!

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