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An ElderHealth Guide to Advanced Care Planning e-book

By Dr. Corinne Self

Our goal is to help you and your family carefully describe your end-of-life wishes and complete end-of-life planning and paperwork and to provide education on how to increase the chances that your plans are followed and your wishes are honored.

Need help with your advanced care planning process?

In our current healthcare climate, it is more important than ever to have end-of-life directives and make your wishes known. Older adults with advanced illnesses can end up hospitalized for end-of-life issues when they would have preferred to stay in their own homes and receive comfort care services. 

You can maintain control of your life and death through Advanced Care Planning.

"The medical treatments you accept can be linked to your goals and values."
Corinne Self, MD
Founder, ElderHealth

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An e-book packed full of valuable insights for the advanced care planning process

We know from decades of experience and research that typical care is usually not what a person wants and that it may actually make things worse. Advanced care planning is the method by which we help patients and families discuss and specify their end-of-life wishes before a crisis occurs. Learn the following important take-aways of advanced care planning:

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