Press Release: Daughter-Caregiver Greatly Improves Elder Care At Home With ElderHealth’s Geriatric Telemedicine Consultations; Now Available To Arizona Residents

ElderHealth is a medical practice that specializes in geriatric primary care based in Tucson, Arizona; now offers statewide geriatric telemedicine consultations that go beyond the diagnosis with a second opinion and expert advice on prescribed medications, aging in place, cognitive care, and caregiver support within one appointment or as many as you like – covered […]

How Sensory-Rich Experiences Can Help Caregivers Communicate Better With Dementia Patients

“Given the significant advancements in the field of neuroscience, it is now widely recognized that the different sensory-rich experiences human beings encounter every day help to ‘nourish’ the nervous system.” AJ Ayres, 2005 As anyone who has ever been around someone with a cognitive impairment can surely attest, communication can be a challenge. Another challenge […]